Welcome to NGS!

#1) No micspamming or michogging

1) Hogging the mic for long periods of time(holding the mic for 7 mins), not letting other users use their mic. Reading fanfics, stories, scripts and etc. over the mic is consider hogging the mic.
2) Playing music over the mic(either excessively or not)and you are not a certified DJ within server and community.
3) Either playing or making sounds that are bit loud, distracting, disorienting, excessive, and/or obnoxious; This includes sound clips or sound boards.

#2) Do not keep spawn doors open

1) Whether or not you are in friendly mode, standing near the doors within your spawn to which they open and intentionally keeping the door open for the enemy players interference within your team's spawn.

#3) Do not abuse glitches or exploits within server

1) There is a small window for shots(primarily Sniper is able to pull this off most of the time) to be able to be fired within enemy spawn from the outside, hitting and hurting players.
2) Do not place buildings in teleported areas of the map(a player walking into a door that teleports them elsewhere within the map, but is unable to move because they are fused within a engineer's building, either sentry, dispenser, or teleporter)
3) If you happen to find a glitch or exploit within the server, please inform staff in regards of it and do not use the exploit dishonestly, do not intentionally abuse the exploit to the fullest or any extent. Doing so could lead up and not limited to a kick or a temporary ban until further notice, most likely after the exploit/glitch being patched.

#4) Do not interrupt advertisements

1) Talking(or as a DJ, playing music) over someone within voice chat that was already currently advertising items they are either buying and/or selling within the server.

#5) Fake/Joke Adverts are not allowed

1) (Either within chat or Mic) Saying you are advertising a product or something that actually cannot be sold.
Examples: Selling my house for 5 keys; Buying a car for 10 ref

#6) Do not beg

1) Asking for items or cosmetics from other users within the server.
2) Asking or advertising for donations from users within the server.
3) Sending trades invites or friending users within the server to beg or ask for donations.

#7) Racism and Sexism will not be condoned

1) Using slurs, whether well known or obscured(not well-known).
2) Trying to use terms to bypass or work around slurs is also considered as the same violation(depending on the context of the word being used)
(Actual words that could sound close are excluded of course, depending on the context)
3) General or specific discrimination, offensive statements towards someone's color/race, sex/gender, and/or sexuality.
4) Having Objectors/signs or other cosmetics within the game that allow for the User to display their own preferable images, to show an act of discrimination towards race/color, gender/sex, sexuality.
5) Using a username that is considered racist, sexist, or homophobic offensively or intended hate speech.

#8) Illegal sprays or imagery are prohibited

1) Spraying or using items(Example: Objector) in the game displaying underaged pornography, either actual photos of minors or drawn pictures of characters that are underaged(Loli, Shota included) in situations that are even slightly considered sexual indications, events, or poses.
2) Spraying or using items(Example: Objector) in the game displaying beastiality/zoophilia, images of real life animal porn, vivid interactions between a human being and animals.
"Yiff" or drawn furry sexual acts is condoned as long as it does not contain minors/cubs/”baby fur” characters.

#9) Do not bully and harass other players

1) Directly verbally targeting a user(s) consistently and/or also over a span of time within the server. [Mic and chat]
2) Intentionally slandering a user for obvious intent of dislike for any consistent span of time within the server.

#10) Do not post ambiguous links within the server

1) An ambiguous link is a link where its purpose cannot be determined by an examination of the link outside of its surrounding web content (its context).
Examples: Youtube.com , Google.com, or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Windows. are allowed and acceptable because the context within the link is recognizable, makes sense, and it’s informative looking at these links.
(However, take links still at your own risk!)
Links like https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/t_original/1351763517274101389.pngg
. or https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTS1dneUaPOv-QYnTnkpU4pORHmxMMYaWNJJVenh1GVX0Po-3lu. are unacceptable links because they are unrecognizable and do not make sense or have any familiarity. Even if the link contains something not harmful, it still does not have good enough examination outside of it's surrounding web context, therefore it is an ambiguous link.

#11) Do not impersonate as staff

-Falsely claiming for you or someone else, to being a staff member or being apart of staff within the discord server or NGS Trade Server. [Mic and chat]
-Using a exactly the same name of a staff member within the server(Including a previous last used name, to avoid confusion for users within the server).

#12) Do not abuse the vote mute option

- Vote muting a user within the server without a valid or good enough reason.
(Good examples of opening a vote mute: Mic hogging, Micspam, a user showing extreme levels of toxicity[being hostile and attacking others or one individual] making a short disoriented noises within the mic excessively or repeatedly(2-3x)
(Bad examples of opening a vote mute:
-Not liking a particular person or what the discussion they are talking about(as long it's appropriate) are not good reasons to vote mute someone.
-Muting someone just for fun or laughs.)

#13) Staff disrespect or harassment is not condoned

1) Provoking a staff member with direct insults or statements that are not actual constructive criticism, but are attacks.
2) Being asked not to or warned by a staff member for particularly doing an action that violates the rules, and retaliating with a direct attack or insult.
3) Harassing a staff member within the server or outside of the server constantly, consecutively, and/or over a span of time.
4) Slandering information of a staff member
While we do always accept constructive criticism, lying or trying to create a potentially horrible image/perspective of a staff member in the server dishonestly is not condoned.
If you happen to have a issue with a staff member, please report the staff member within the discord server. (“report-a-staff-member” channel)

#14) Running from agreed bets with another user is prohibited( May lead to permanent ban)

1) Upon agreeing on a bet either within spycrabs or duels within the server, and if you were to lose the bet and refuse to pay the opposing User within the duel for the agreed items within a reasonable, respectful time frame(Max. 10 Minutes) after, anything without actual reasonable beliefs of issues and after that time window could potentially be considered running from a bet.
(It's preferable that you have the actual items in your inventory you plan on paying up in-case of losing the bet.)

#15) Doxing is prohibited (This may lead and not limited to, a mute and/or gag)

1) Posting unwarranted, sensitive, personal information of a user within the servers without that user’s consent, to harass or potentially threat a user.
(Pictures or sprays of any kind relating to the individual outside of the internet are included)
2) Even as a joke, posting sensitive data and claiming to be someone's information with intention of harmful and harassment, will potentially lead and not limited to a mute or gag for the time being.

#16) Cheats/hacks involvement are prohibited within the server

1) Using a particular third party software or a script to modify or enhance your performance to inhumanly possible actions(using aimbot, a catbot, and/or seeing through walls).
(Will lead to a permanent ban)
2) Advertising cheats/hacks is strictly not allowed, even as in a joking matter.

#17) Dishonesty in trading is not condoned(This may lead up, but not limited to a ban)

1) Scamming a user, not giving the user actually what they intentionally wanted exactly agreed upon.

#18) Abusing the Resize command

1) Attacking, defending, healing, or altering the experience of any user(s) within the server.
Healing players as Medic and throwing liquids/throw able items at users